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  1. The Fugitive King

  2. But the Marquis of Boulli Has a Trump Card Up His Sleeve

  3. To Take Your Hat Off

  4. The Echoes Never Fade from That Fusillade

  5. The Commune de Paris

  6. Vive la Commune de Paris

  7. The National Assembly is Confused

  8. The Execution of Louis Capet

  9. Adieu Louis for You It's Over

  10. Marie Antoinette – The Last Night on Earth

  11. Adieu My Good and Tender Sister

  12. Liberty

  13. And in the Bushes Where They Survive

PRODUCTOR - Roger Waters y

Rick Wentworth

INGENIERO - Simon Rhodes


ESTUDIOS - Abbey Road, Air Lyndhurst,

Angel Studios, Whitfield Street Studios,

Sony Studios, Sphere Studios, Gilliaume

Tell y Mega Studios


Publicado el 26 septiembre 2005

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