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A look inside Battersea Power Station

Foto Ruta Floyd

Although it is nothing new, since some of you have surely visited it, the old London power station, cover of Pink Floyd's Animals album, is included within an urban complex that has revalued this entire part of the Thames bank, now being one of the most important parts of the city.

Taking advantage of our trip to attend the Roger Waters concert, we made it our almost obligatory visit.

Our arrival was around 10 in the morning and although on Sundays the shops inside do not open to the public until 12, you could enter inside as normal.

It is impressive to remember our first trips to London, when we visited Battersea Power Station, practically a ruined building in an open field, alone, abandoned, when you passed by with the train you could perfectly admire it in all its grandeur and now, it is practically not visible, hidden for all the new constructions around it.

And now, that obsolete power plant that was almost in the process of being demolished, admiring it all rebuilt, with homes, with a spectacular shopping center, is something unimaginable that I had never thought of since my first visit.

Despite having been lucky that since it is not yet open to the public and you could walk through its facilities with complete comfort and be able to take photos without an influx of people, we had planned a tour that takes place in its facilities with a visit by elevator from inside one of its columns, with a viewpoint at the top to see the city, but since this tour had the same schedule as the opening of stores, we could not wait more than an hour, since we had another activity scheduled.

We hope to be able to do that pending tour soon, it is always good to leave something behind to have an excuse to return again.

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