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End to the European tour of Roger Waters with too many incidents

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Last night while half of the city of Manchester celebrated the triumph of the team led by Josep Guardiola in the Champions League final in the city of Istanbul, because almost certainly the other half would be waiting to celebrate their defeat, in Manchester at the same time Roger Waters said goodbye possibly, you never know, from the stages in Europe, waiting for their concerts in South America by the end of October.

And as we reflected in the title of this news item, too many incidents, too many statements, too many insults and too many issues unrelated to what Pink Floyd's music refers to.

We don't mean to be detractors or defenders of Waters at any point, but those political ramblings that run through his mind, rightly so in some places and for no reason in others, he should never have used with the Pink Floyd legacy.

Alleging that he has written about the same thing all his life is not true, there is Pink Floyd's discography so that anyone can check the lyrics of their albums.

If we were to differentiate the band's career by chronology, neither in its first part led by Syd Barrett, nor let alone in the part prior to the publication of The Dark Side Of The Moon is there any relation to politics or war, only in punctually in some songs like Corporal Clegg, to name a few.

Nor in its most glorious stage, because most talk about human behavior like Dark Side, another dedicated largely to the figure of Barrett, like Wish You Where Here, another inspired by the book Animal Farm by Orwell like Animals and The Wall, which is almost a personal catharsis, which makes some mention of the war like Vera or Brings The Boys Back Home, but it is not the central theme of the album at all.

The only anti-war and political album is The Final Cut, which is practically his solo album, but if in a discography of 12 albums he states that he has always written about the same thing, well, as we have commented, it is not true.

What is true is that his solo career is almost entirely political and war-related, except for The Pros And Cons Of Hitch Hiking, that is unquestionable, but not in his career with Pink Floyd.

Using Pink Floyd songs with images that have nothing to do with the lyrics hasn't been successful either, but I think all of that has been forgiven by the fans, because after all, what we want is to have a good time admiring Pink Floyd. one of our idols, although he sings almost 90 percent of the concert in playback, afterwards he talks about how governments and established powers deceive us, it seems that he does not deceive anyone.

That is why since his departure from Pink Floyd, his The Pros And Cons tour was almost a public disaster, canceling many concerts, on his Radio Kaos tour almost the same, even having to cancel the Australian tour, for his album Amused To Death he had no tour for bad omens if he had done it because of its bad sales, as in most of his solo career in the sales aspect, so it seems that perhaps the fans of the band do not like his thoughts so much politicians, but not for that to me, personally I love his solo career and then his In The Flesh tour passed without shame or glory.

His revival for the great masses was from 2006 with the tour The Dark Side Of The Moon and with the tremendous tour The Wall.

Although it is true that in his solo concerts he has always offered Pink Floyd songs in his repertoire, he had to start using Pink Floyd's complete albums to bring the audience closer to his concerts again, since since the In tour The Flesh barely played a couple of solo songs.

But his radicalization since the Us + Them tour has been notorious, already starting to have problems, now worsening with his current tour.

Accusing him of being an anti-Semite is stupid, because defending the Palestinian cause does not make you an anti-Semite at all, if that was the case, I think there would be many of them all over the world.

But his appearance before the UN council as if he were an emissary from Russia has lit all the fuses, because when he had never had problems in his concerts disguised as a Nazi, now he does, any image he uses like that of Anne Frank, is distorts more than it should be and any comment of yours is under scrutiny, until being investigated by the German and now the American government.

And to give more color to the matter, it is true that Polly Samson, David Gilmour's wife, a few months ago made some totally free statements about Waters on Twitter, even if it is true or for her if they are true, I think this woman has enough maturity to knowing that any word of hers will be used as if it were her husband's, but Waters's response to it at the last concert in London, alluding that as it should be to wake up next to her every day, they have been more than vulgar, receiving a David Gilmour's reply with a photo, being much more elegant.

But with all this, he drags his followers along, making us part of his ideas and confusing the general public that doesn't even like Pink Floyd as a regular to think that those of us who attend their concerts have the same ideas.

As an example, a few days ago an important radio station offered me an interview, which I politely declined, because I was almost certain that they were going to trap me starting with simple questions about the group to change to asking me about Waters and his problems. , if the followers are the same, etc, leaving me completely sold.

No, Mr. Waters, if you want to talk about politics, announce that only your songs from your solo career or at most from The Final Cut will be heard at your concerts, but do not use songs that have no theme for your own thoughts and denunciations .

Personally, I have loved this tour, even more than the last one, The Final Cut is one of my favorite albums, his last recording is to my liking and although many fans have complained that he has used many songs from this last album, I am of which I have been very happy to hear new songs.

With all this I want to comment that it is not a criticism at all, I am neither a detractor nor a defender, I am only commenting on some events that have occurred and that I should correct for the respect among all.

And now that all South Americans can enjoy this great concert, although there it will not be like those offered in the United States and Europe with a central stage in closed venues, but quite the opposite, in outdoor venues and with a normal stage.

Have a good time!!

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