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Metallic Spheres In Colour Remixed - The Orb & David Gilmour

The 2010 released album Metallic Spheres by The Orb and David Gilmour has been reimagined and remixed as Metallic Spheres In Color and will be released on 29 September on LP, CD and digital formats including Dolby Atmos and 360RA.

About this new reinvention, Martin Glover (Youth), who was also in the production of The Endless River comments:

"The idea for Metallic Spheres In Color was that Alex Paterson (founder of The Orb) could have done more on the first version, and he didn't really get the chance because we had a philosophy of making music as if the Blade Runner soundtrack were You will find Wish You Were Here.

So I asked him why we didn't remix it and make it an Orb classic. And in doing so, it's almost like a completely different album."

The original album Metallic Spheres was created almost by accident, as in late spring 2009 David Gilmour entered the studio to record the song Chicago/Change The World, created by Graham Nash and originally recorded by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young so that all the profits would go to the campaign in favor of the British hacker Gary McKinnon. who faced extradition of him to the US, although it was later quashed and he also did not face any trial in the UK.

The song also featured vocals from Chrissie Hynde, Bob Geldof and Gary himself and the campaign also had support from Peter Gabriel, Sting and actress Julie Christie.

Ambient music pioneers The Orb and producer Youth also lent their support to the campaign by remixing the track and asked if David Gilmour would contribute more guitar parts at Youth's studio, The Dreaming Cave, in Wandsworth.

Youth and Alex Paterson, turned this session into two ambient suites, the 28 minute Metallic and 20 minute Spheres and released under the Metallic Spheres name, again with all proceeds going to Gary's campaign.

The album was one of the first major releases to be issued in a surround sound version called 3D60 Audio and remains a favorite among headphone fans.

Like the original album, Metallic Spheres In Color is designed in two parts, the Seamless Solar Spheres Of Affection Mix and the second part, Seamlessly Martian Spheres Of Reflection Mix.





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