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New Limited Edition Syd Barrett Discography on Vinyl

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Third Man Records in conjunction with Sony Music Entertainment. features Syd Barrett's solo albums The Madcap Laughs, Barrett and Opel in a limited edition box set

Out of print individually for nearly ten years, and never before available together on vinyl, Barrett's complete solo albums are presented on 180-gram vinyl, pressed at Third Man Pressing in Detroit and packaged together in a custom slipcase with exclusive new artwork. .

It also includes a David Gilmour 7-inch single featuring two Barrett compositions, Dominoes and Dark Globe.

the song Dominoes was recorded at David Gilmour's concerts at London's Royal Festival Hall in January 2002 and Dark Globe was performed by Gilmour at a concert in Clam, Austria as part of his On The Island Tour in 2006 a few days after Barrett's death announced as a tribute.

Orders must be placed on the official Third Man Records website before July 31, but to do so you must sign up for at least a quarterly subscription to its catalog.

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