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Pink Floyd Live 28 June 1975

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Although it's been more than a month since it was published on YouTube and we didn't mention it because we didn't consider it relevant, there are quite a few of you who have asked us about this video.

All this has also coincided with the reopening of the website after almost three years and our recent visit to Milan for the Roger Waters concert, with which we returned with Covid included, having to convalesce for two weeks.

Of the very few images of Pink Floyd from those years, since they are all small excerpts from recordings and of very poor quality, this 4K restored recording may be one of the most interesting from those times, both for quality and for duration.

It corresponds to the last concert of the North American Tour 1975 to promote the album Wish You Where Here on June 28, 1975 at the Ivor Wynne Stadium, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

Filmed by Jim Kelly 'Speedy' from his personal collection, it was recorded on a Super 8 camera that was used in those days, with which long recordings could not be made, therefore only extracts were recorded and many did not have audio either, so that the sound is synchronized from a concert bootleg in audio.

Thanks to Speedy for bringing these images to our homes and for his restoration work in 4K.

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