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Syd Barrett Official Youtube

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A few days ago the official Syd Barrett Youtube channel was launched by Syd Barrett Music Limited and those in charge of Syd Barrett's estate.

In recent times there has been a lot of movement both on social networks and in different events such as the presentation last week of the documentary Have You Got It Yet? The Story Of Syd Barrett And Pink Floyd that can be seen in UK cinemas from May 15.

Unfortunately we think that there will not be much news because there are hardly any images of Syd in photos or videos that are not known as they themselves comment, but this initiative is not good news for that and that they try to give a little more knowledge of their work.


Syd Barrett Music Limited and the Syd Barrett estate are launching a dedicated Syd Barrett YouTube channel.

The channel is a natural extension of Syd Barrett’s existing online presence and will consist of artistic interpretations of his solo music, with accompanying music and lyrics.

Together with the Swedish animator, Alex Teglbjaerg, known as The Artist on the Border, there will be new animated music videos released on an ongoing basis.

It will initially focus on the solo songs which originally appeared on ”An Introduction to Syd Barrett” (2010).

“There isn’t all that much filmed Syd Barrett out there,” says Peter Barrett on behalf of the Barrett family, ”you’ve already seen most of the material and the few bits that pop up are quickly placed in the digital public domain. We want to take his quirky and poetic lyrics and translate them into images.”

Alex Teglbjaerg said of the project: “I try to take the listener into a Syd Barrett dream of sorts.

Syd was a craftsman when it came to writing intriguing lyrics for his songs.

Many times utilising cut-up techniques.

That’s what I am attempting to do as well.

I take what we take for granted,

Syd in a room with painted floorboards and find a way to discover more.

Not just zoom in, I try to immerse the viewer in that room by using collages and elements from multiple sources.

But in the end, the focus is not on the visuals themselves.

It lies in Syd’s music and lyrics.”

The channel will launch with animated videos for “Terrapin”, “Dominoes” and “Dark Globe” with more to follow

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