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Waters wins the legal battle and will be able to perform in Frankfurt

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As published by Roger Waters, the court has issued an order that the Roger Waters concert on May 28 in Frankfurt is not cancelled.

Remember that this concert was canceled a few months ago because various political organizations in the city had accused it of being anti-Semitic.

Nick Mason himself and other musicians such as Eric Clapton, Peter Gabriel or Brian Eno had signed a petition so that the concerts could be held.

Other artists such as Susan Sarandon, Julie Christie, Ken Loach or Alexei Sayle had also supported this request.



FRANKFURT COURT finds Roger Waters cancelled show can proceed because the court finds:



“His use of costume parodying the German Third Reich during the show” is “an acceptable use of artistic license to warn us all of the dangers of the current resurgence of fascism in the West.”

So, the concert in Frankfurt on the 28th will go ahead. In light of this enlightened decision:

1. Can we please stop conflating criticism of the policies of the government of the apartheid, racist, state of Israel with anti-semitism!

2. Can we please agree to scrap the absurd IHRA definition of anti-semitism, a worthless piece of paper, whose only possible use is to obfuscate the real meaning of the term?

3. Can we congratulate the German people for having laws that protect freedom of artistic expression? And urge them to prevail upon their government to please stop using militarized police to ban, and violently put down, peaceful BDS demonstrations organized in support of our oppressed brothers and sisters in Palestine.

I can’t wait to bring my message of love and peace to Germany in May, there to stand shoulder-to-shoulder, not only with all my brothers and sisters in the BDS movement, but also with the rest of the burgeoning anti-war, anti-racist, anti-capitalist, anti-authoritarian, anti-establishment movement that warms this bleeding heart.



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