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1. The Gathering Storm

2. Overture

3. A Garden in Vienna 1765

4. Madame Antoine, Madame Antoine

5. Kings Sticks and Birds

6. Honest Bird, Simple Bird

I7.  Want to Be King

8. Let Us Break All the Shields

9. The Grievances of the People

10. France in Disarray

11. To Laugh is to Know How to Live

12. Slavers, Landlords, Bigots at Your Door

13. The Fall of the Bastille

Foto Ruta Floyd



PRODUCTOR - Roger Waters y

Rick Wentworth

INGENIERO - Simon Rhodes


ESTUDIOS - Abbey Road, Air Lyndhurst,

Angel Studios, Whitfield Street Studios,

Sony Studios, Sphere Studios, Gilliaume

Tell y Mega Studios


Publicado el 26 septiembre 2005

14. To Freeze in the Dead of Night

15. So to the Streets in the Pouring Rain

16. Dances and Marches

17. Now Hear Ye!

18. Flushed With Wine

19. The Letter

20. My Dear Cousin Bourbon of Spain

21. The Ship of State is All at Sea

22. Silver Sugar and Indigo

23. To The Windward Isles

24. The Papal Edict

25. In Paris There's a Rumble Under the Ground

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