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This page is dedicated to following the trajectory of the British group Pink Floyd during its more than 50 years of musical career, trying to keep all our followers informed of the latest news and updates in any corner of the planet.

For the maintenance and expenses of the website, we also ask you to use the links available at the time you make a purchase  , since this helps to reduce our costs because in At no time are we a page of a lucrative nature.

Also almost annually we travel to London to make a route to visit emblematic places in the history of Pink Floyd, so if anyone is interested in participating on any occasion, contact for more information.

And to finish our thanks to the people who have supported us by apologizing if we have forgotten someone, especially Marisol Matarredona, Lola Lozano, Manel Calza and above all the person for whom all this is possible, Rosa Sevilla.


Foto Ruta Floyd



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Rosa Sevilla Martínez


Juan de Dios Valdés Pérez


Lola Lozano Espinosa

Marisol Matarredona Richart

Manel Calza Frías

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