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In moments of little musical creativity, GARDEN MUSIC PROJECT surprises us with their own work with themes of their own elaboration.

INSPIRED BY SYD BARRETT`S ARTWORK is the title of the first album by this group based in Argentina, influenced by the paintings of Syd Barrett from a particularity called synesthesia.

The band is made up of Adriana Rubio (composition and synesthetic perception), Alexander Ditzend (composer, guitars and lead vocals), Stefan Ditzend (composer, bass and sax), Nicolás Saganías (composer, drums and percussion) and Fabrizio Gamba (composer, keyboards, piano and synthesizers).

The composition of the themes are in charge of all the members of the group, based on the perceptions of Adriana Rubio.

Below is a short interview that they have offered us, where they explain what synesthesia consists of and the recording process of the album.




"My name is Adriana Rubio, I am an investigative journalist in the area of arts and musical culture in various genres: rock, hard rock, punk, heavy metal, classical and symphonic, etc.


Also the author of several books, screenwriter for movies and music producer.

I was born with a particularity called "synesthesia" which involuntarily and sensorially allows me to visualize musical notes in colors, and in turn hear musical notes coming from colors.

I was visually and sonically drawn to Syd Barrett's paintings AND found music in many of his paintings.


So I felt that it would be a very good thing to make a record in his honor using synesthetic perception for musical composition.

I initially contacted the first manager of Pink Floyd and Syd Barrett, Mr. Peter Jenner, in 2012.


He was really very kind in his dealings with me and also with the musical project because he guided my steps to the right place: the Estate. by Syd Barrett.

Foto Ruta Floyd
Foto Ruta Floyd
Foto Ruta Floyd


I was asked for a proof of concept of the musical project, that is, a demo.


For this I had 4 talented Argentine musicians with whom we sat down to deliberate and compose the first three songs of three pictures.


We recorded them in a professional studio and sent them to the Syd Barrett Estate in September 2013.

Within a week I received the green light from the Estate to go ahead with the project as there was no copyright infringement on the material we had recorded.


But yes, they asked me to send it to them as soon as I had the complete album before it was officially published.


This was done, and once again I received the green light to officially release the album.


The compositional work took several months.

The first section of the composition of the remaining 9 songs was made between Alex and me to focus on the musical notes and their respective colors and interpret the structure and/or meaning of each painting by Syd.


Then, and to culminate the composition of each song in a second section, he took over the entire band.

The album was recorded, mixed and mastered at "Casa Frida Estudios" by Hernán Caratozzolo, with engineering and technique by Fernando Taverna and Mariano Cuello.


And the attendance of Santiago Gonella in March and April of this year 2014.

We are represented by QEDG Management, a company that also represents Emerson Lake & Palmer, Asia and Dave Kilminster among so many other rock greats, which for us is a true honor.


The promotion is in charge of Glass Onyon PR.

Our record was officially released to the world by the English label Cherry Red Records on July 7, the eighth anniversary of Syd Barrett's death."




"Listening to and studying Syd Barrett changed my way of playing the guitar and composing.


The panorama opened up for me and I entered a world of colors.


I understood that music goes far beyond notes, harmony and that everything "sounds good".


I feel like I was able to connect with Syd even technically because I learned a lot from Syd Barrett's recordings and a lot of those things were applied on the record like having two channels for vocals, dissonances, effects and much more.


Syd Barrett has influenced me a lot not only in the musical aspect but he was also present when writing the lyrics.


I tried to make a mix between Syd's experiences and mine.


There are parts in which I speak like him and parts in which I speak, but always starting from the general idea of his paintings."



"As a drummer I feel that I was able to interpret the styles of Nick Mason and John Bonham creating a mix of executions that were more heartfelt than technical.


The drums on this album find the nuances and feelings that needed to be provided with each "touch", "splash" and "curls" to convey the intensity of the colors of Syd's paintings.


There is also percussion. On track 9 "Coliseum" I played a percussion instrument called Derbake, something I had never played before.  


Adriana had visualized and heard the colors and tones of a Colosseum in one of Syd's paintings, and felt that the introduction of the track should reflect the historical fact of the martyrs thrown to the lions.  


Then an autochthonous instrument from the Middle East was included to achieve the desired rhythm and technique, and for which I studied the rhythms and techniques to execute it."



"Thank you for allowing me this space.


Before getting involved in this project I studied classical and jazz composition.


I know that Rick Wright influenced Pink Floyd with his knowledge of academic music. 


I think without this influence, Pink Floyd would have been something very different.


In any project it is important that all its members contribute from their knowledge.


Just as Wright brought his to Pink Floyd, I contributed mine to the Garden Music Project, and together with Alex, Stefan and Nico we achieved the instrumental balance.


As on Floyd, there is a lot of keyboard and synthesizer work on this CD. Compositionally, it was the main melodies, chords and tensions that I worked on.


Later, in the recording studio, we delved into the creation of climates.


Although the songs were already assembled, when we got to the recording studio, we left a lot of room for experimentation as Floyd and  Syd Barret did, of course."


A project that will surprise Pink Floyd fans, especially those of Syd Barrett, due to its innovation and its attempt to capture his work, both pictorial and musical.

GARDEN MUSIC PROJECT deserves a touch of our attention and support for the dissemination of their music and recognition should be offered to someone who risks new concepts.



1. Garden  2:46

2. Squares, Lines & Polygons  2:59

3. Isolation  3:40

4.Transformation  5:46

5. Bullying  3:22

6. My Ladies  3:40

7. Leaving Home  3:27

8.Crime Scene  3:36

9. Coliseum  6:14

10. Tour Bus  4:24

11.Bridge  3:37

12. Self Portrait  4:47

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