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After Nick Mason's intimate concert last year at The Half Moon, a London pub with a capacity for just over 100 people, we wanted to be able to see it in a larger capacity and with a superior stage setup.


And we couldn't leave more convinced and happy from the great concert that he offered in the remodeled The Roundhouse, the old railway factory that on October 15 of a distant 1966 was inaugurated by Pink Floyd and Soft Machine.



There is no better place to remember those old days with the first Pink Floyd songs, some unpublished like Vegetable Man performed by a superb Nick Mason who was impeccable on drums, excelling especially on songs like Astronomy Domine and Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun.


The band is the same one that has been accompanying him since last year.


Nick Mason - Drums and Percussion

Guy Pratt - Bass and Vocals

Gary Kemp - Bass and Vocals

Lee Harris - Guitar and Vocals

Dom Beken - Keyboards and Vocals

The group was noticeable much more shot than our first concert with them, with a lot of complicity among all, especially Guy Pratt and Gary Kemp.


We couldn't ignore a small disappointment, because since the concert a few days before in Cambridge there was a small rumor that David Gilmour would appear in some of the British concerts, but as usual with Gilmour, he is neither there nor expected.


The concert began at eight o'clock at night with McNally-Waters who performed for half an hour with a mix of blues and country songs and then began at nine o'clock with Mason's long-awaited concert.

With pre-recorded noises, imitating Floyd concerts from the 70s, Interstellar Overdrive opened with a superb performance, followed by an impressive Astronomy Domine, with Mason on drums enjoying himself like a teenager, with tremendous energy.


Lucifer Sam, Arnold Layne, Green Is The Colour, all these songs, some over 50 years old and never performed, others never performed like Vegetable Man, the almost incomplete song by Syd Barrett, which was never officially recorded, where their precarious state of health was already noticeable as they passed in front of us, with that almost nostalgic feeling of bygone years.


After retiring and going out to perform the normal encores, A Saucerful Of Secrets and Point Me at the Sky closed this great concert.



Interstellar Overdrive / Astronomy Domine / Lucifer Sam / Fearless / Obscured By Clouds / When You're In / Remember A Day / Arnold Layne / Vegetable Man / If / Atom Heart Mother / The Nile Song / Green Is The Color / Let There Be More Light / Childhood's End / Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun / See Emily Play / Bike / One Of These Days / A Saucerful of Secrets / Point Me At The Sky

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