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Ago Today: 28 years of Pulse. The best live ever?

Foto Ruta Floyd

Perhaps in this question little objectivity reigns among us since we are followers and admirers of Pink Floyd and there are great live albums by other artists, but Pulse, the live recording of The Division Bell Tour in 1994, impressed us 28 years ago. years far exceeding from our point of view the previous recording Delicate Sound Of Thunder in the audiovisual aspect.

I couldn't be more contradictory to be listening to The Lockdown Sessions, the latest publication by Roger Waters that went on sale yesterday in physical format and at the same time praising Pulse, but that has always been the greatness of Pink Floyd, its different styles and musical records that catch you.

Foto Ruta Floyd

And whoever has the first edition in CD format with its red LED, with its blinking like a heartbeat, the memory of being in a dark room and the light like a pilot light on, listening to the album.

The recording took place at the now non-existent London Earls Court from October 12 to 29, 1994, where Pink Floyd performed 14 almost consecutive nights, although in reality it was 15 nights, since the first night, a few minutes after starting the concert , a grandstand with almost 1,200 spectators collapsed with the luck that no deaths had to be lamented, only minor injuries, so the concert was canceled and rescheduled for October 17.

The concert was recorded on October 20 and had one of the first pay-per-view broadcasts on the Internet on November 1 in the USA and on November 15 in the UK, where whoever searches for it on the Internet will observe that in some songs like Sorrow and Comfortably Numb, the guitar solos are longer, so they were cut down.

It was also the first time since 1975 where they played The Dark Side Of The Moon in full at some concerts.

Curiously, Earls Court Exhibition Hall is the last place where Roger Waters performed on tour with the band in 1981 at The Wall concerts and it is also the last concert of a Pink Floyd tour without Waters' presence, although they later performed together. in 2005 at Live 8, as a touring concert it was the last in both cases.

And to close the circle, on December 13, 2014 David Gilmour appeared performing Wish You Where Here in the last concert at Earls Court before the demolition of him accompanying the Bombay Bicycle Club group.

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