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Ago today 18 years: Pink Floyd Live 8 (The Last Dance)

Foto Pink Floyd

On July 2, 2005, Roger Waters, David Gilmour, Richard Wright and Nick Mason, the best-known lineup of Pink Floyd, went on stage for the last time.

It had already been 24 years since the last performance together not far from there, in the now extinct Earls Court Exhibition Hall on June 17, now the turn would be in Hyde Park in the London capital.

It is not a question now to remember and list all the problems, disputes, discussions between Roger Waters and the rest of the band during all those years, neither the questions nor the reasons, it is only to remember this day that was quite an event for the followers of the band that we never expected to see them together again, even if it was only a few songs and there was no more continuity.

Bob Geldof, together with Midge Ure, who had already organized the Live Aid concerts in 1985, in which David had participated

Gilmour, accompanying Bryan Ferry, contacted Roger Waters and David Gilmour to try to mediate between them so that Pink Floyd would meet for the macro-concerts that he was preparing in 9 countries simultaneously called Live 8 to raise money for poverty in Africa.

After some telephone contacts between Roger and David and more quickly than expected, they reached an agreement to act, now they only needed to contact Nick and Rick to convince them, but the decision was also quick.

After a meeting at the Connaught Hotel to smooth things over and decide on the setlist for the concert, rehearsals arrived the day before the concert.

Speaking on the issue of their reunion, David Gilmour commented that "the moment was bigger than those bad feelings we had between us. Any disputes that Roger and the band have had in the past are so insignificant in this context, and if reform for this concert will help focus attention, then it will be worth it.”

As for Roger Waters, he said, “It's great to be asked to help Bob raise public awareness of Third World debt and poverty problems. The cynics will scoff, fuck them! Plus, having the chance to get the band back together, even if it's just for a few numbers, is a huge bonus."

And the big day came and after The Who, Pink Floyd appeared, almost 24 years later, with their most remembered formation and interpreting four great classics from their stage together.

Memorable and superb was their participation, to wrap themselves in a hug between the four to disappear backstage, although later in the performance of Paul McCartney that closed the night, David, Rick and Nick were there when the artists accompanied Paul in the interpretation of Hey Jude, but Waters is no longer on stage.

For my part, even if it was at home, it was one of the most exciting moments I have experienced musically, especially in the final solo of Comfortably Numb, which at that moment seemed magical to me.

I hope that each of you, in a different place, would enjoy it in the same way.


Speak To Me / Breathe


Wish You Where Here

Comfortably Numb


David Gilmour - Guitar and Vocals

Roger Waters - Guitar and Vocals

Richard Wright - Keyboards

Nick Mason - Drums

Jon Carin - Keyboards

Dick Parry - Saxophone

Tim Renwick - Guitars and Bass

Carol Kenyon - Backing vocals



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