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Concert of Roger Waters - The Dark Side Of The Moon Redux in London

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The rumor that was circulating for a few days that Roger Waters was going to perform a few concerts to offer his new publication, his revision of the classic The Dark Side Of The Moon Redux, has been fulfilled.

For now, the first of these concerts will take place at The London Palladium, on October 8 in London, with tickets available for pre-sale on July 27 and for the general public on July 28.

Waters has said Waters "we're going to do it live at the London Palladium in October. We're looking forward to that...hopefully play it live at other times in the future."

Waters will be accompanied by most of the musicians who have been present on the recording, such as Gus Seyffert (bass), Joey Waronker (drums), Jonathan Wilson (guitars), Johnny Shepherd (organ), Via Mardot (theremin), Azniv Korkejian (vocals), Gabe Noel (strings), Jon Carin (keyboards) and Robert Walter (piano).

The show has been designed by Waters' creative director, Sean Evans.

To take advantage of this occasion, perhaps we will carry out our Floyd Route visiting places in the history of Pink Floyd, so if there is anyone interested, contact us.

Route Organizer: Rosa Sevilla

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