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David Gilmour's Medina House property for sale

Foto Ruta Floyd

When I was visiting David Gilmour's house in Hove, on the English coastal area, last year, I would never have imagined that a few months later it would be for sale, since its construction practically finished in 2020.

This former 19th century bathhouse called Medina House was purchased by David and his wife Polly with the intention of restoring this abandoned building.

Although after a technical inspection it was detected that the structure was not solid, so with permission from the city council a new construction was planned, but respecting the previous aesthetic design.

But David and his family did not land well in this beautiful town, because from the first moment they have had problems of all kinds, from complaints and protests from activists and neighbors about the demolition of the building, to the noise caused by the works, to the fact that they had painted some sheds too bright color, even an old bomb from the Second World War was found in the construction work.

The thing is that it seems that after so much controversy, meetings with neighbors to give explanations, etc., at the end of last summer, David Gilmour put this practically new construction up for sale.

We do not know if it is because of the high sale price or because any buyer does not want to go through the same situation as Gilmour, but the fact is that the price has decreased considerably and is now only for 10 million pounds.

If anyone has £10 million to spare, now is your chance to buy a former home once owned by Gilmour.

If you want to see photos of the building inside, go to Pereds

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