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Images of Roger Waters spit at the Montreal 1977 concert!!

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A few days ago we commented that Roger Waters had perhaps had his tour with the most incidents and problems of his career, well, now, almost 46 years later and it seems to be true, although there are audio recordings, images of the best-known incident have appeared o famous of Pink Floyd, the spitting of Roger Waters at the Olympic Stadium in Montreal on July 6, 1977 in the last concert of his tour of the album Animals.

It was in the song Pigs (Three Different Ones), when an almost crazed fan wanted to get closer to the stage, when Roger Waters began to urge the fan to come closer and spit on him, this gesture being the seed that led to Waters wrote The Wall, as he himself has always stated in numerous interviews.

In this video you can hear how it happened and how they had already faced the audience and in the following video Roger Waters in an interview with Howard Stern replicating how it happened.

The 1977 tour was one of the first to perform on large stages, something Pink Floyd and other bands were not used to and something they did not handle at all, accustomed except for festival appearances to performing before large masses.

And the behavior of the public was totally different from what they were used to, because while until then they had kept quiet and listened to the concert, it took a radical turn and they were all over the concert talking, shouting and setting off firecrackers, as can be heard in pirated recordings of this tour, having to stop some songs.

All this triggered in this gesture of Waters that so much has been written about it and now we can see after so many years.

The video has been published by a user on YouTube, it has no audio and from minute 10:57 is when the famous incident occurs.

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