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New photos of Syd Barrett at Abbey Road in 1975 by Phil Taylor

Foto Ruta Floyd

New photos of Syd Barrett at Abbey Road Studios on his famous visit in 1975 when Pink Floyd were recording Wish You Where Here have emerged thanks to the documentary Have You Got It Yet? The Story Of Syd Barrett & Pink Floyd which is now being released in cinemas.

It seems that the photos are the property of Phil Taylor, the head technician of Pink Floyd since the mid-70s, and according to what is said in the documentary, Syd Barrett went to the Hipgnosis offices to visit Storm Thorgerson and was told that he was in the Abbey Road studios, so he went to them.

Foto Ruta Floyd

If this were true, it is strange that Storm did not have a camera on hand and there were more photos and of higher quality, since until now the best known is the work of Nick Mason, but it is also something that has been kept almost a secret for some time. almost 48 years.

As it also seems that this was not Syd's only visit to the studios either.

In any case, this curiosity is very welcome.

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