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Nick Mason's concert in Vicenza canceled due to weather

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The concert that had to be held last night of Nick Mason's Saucerful Of Secrets Tour in the beautiful Italian city of Vicenza had to be canceled due to weather.

As the members of Nick Mason's band have commented on their social networks, as well as Guy Pratt, Dom Beken and Lee Harris it seems that 15 minutes before they arrived on stage they had to evacuate the Piazza del Signori where they were going to perform due to weather reports indicating a huge storm was coming to the city with tremendous hail.

Unfortunately, this is one of the problems with open-air concerts, which can be suspended due to the threat of weather or an occasional storm that occurs a few moments before the concert or during the concert, since if the concert has started and has elapsed certain time from the beginning, you are not even entitled to a refund of the money.

We hope all the victims have luck and Nick Mason can reschedule this concert for a new date and they can enjoy the concert.

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