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Nick Mason´s Saucerful Of Secrets - Dates Italy 2024

Foto Ruta Floyd

Well, good old Nick Mason with already 80 taquitos behind him announces concerts for next year in Italy, we do not know if he will announce concerts in another country for now.

Also waiting for what appears to be David Gilmour's new album and with possibly the announcement of a tour and the words of Roger Waters that he is thinking of doing some concerts, 2024 will be full of movement regarding what is linked to Pink Floyd.

The shame is that the three of them don't do something together, but nowadays it seems like a utopia.

These are Nick Mason's announced concerts.

July 18 | Milan | Arcimboldi Theater

July 19 | Vicenza | Signori Square

July 20 | Bologna | Sequoie Music Park

July 22 | Rome

July 23 | Caserta | Belvedere s. Leucio

July 24 | Ionic Roccella | Il Castello Theater

Tickets will be available for sale starting Thursday, December 21 at 11 a.m. through this enlace

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