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Roger tied up and in a straitjacket

Foto Ruta Floyd

Well yes, this is how Roger Waters appeared at the concert on the 24th in the city of Brasilia during the song In The Flesh, tied up and in a straitjacket.

Also at the beginning of the concert in Comfortably Numb he appeared in the white doctor's coat, as in the Pink Floyd concerts in 1980/81 or The Wall Live In Berlin.

Ignoring these anecdotes, Waters offered a magnificent show with a large stage with four screens and a great display of lights and fireworks.

As we already mentioned, these concerts are different from those performed on this This Is Not A Drill tour, since they are arranged for concerts in large stadiums, not in closed venues as they had been until now.

The next stop is Rio de Janeiro.

The videos we publish are from concert attendees, so some may not be viewable because they have been blocked due to copyright.

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