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The hologram, the solution to Pink Floyd's problems?

Foto Ruta Floyd

There is no doubt that today technology is part of our lives in almost all facets, both professional and personal.

And a part of that technology is a hologram that, without being an expert in the matter, is more or less a technique that creates real objects in three-dimensional images by means of a laser beam.

Like the above image of Battersea Power Station that Roger Waters used on his Us + Them tour.

Well, this technique has been used for a year by the ABBA group in its ABBA Voyage show in the city of London at the ABBA Arena where you can see a concert by the group.

This May 27th the first anniversary of this show was celebrated with the presence of three of the four members of ABBA, Benny, Björn and Frida.

And also from guests or admirers of the group such as Ian Mckellen or David Gilmour himself accompanied by his wife who is here greeting Ron Wood who was also present.

Foto Ruta Floyd

Needless to mention the broken and battered relationship between the other members of Pink Floyd, especially between Roger Waters and David Gilmour, so this new formula of concert performances, which is one of the pioneers, would be the only way to contemplate Pink Floyd together on stage.

Would David take note of the show to exploit it and be able to do it in the future or is the rancor between the two so great that just thinking about seeing one or the other share the stage together, even if it was fictitious. that as they say would be superior to their forces?

Jokingly, I lean towards the second option.

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